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Louisiana Story

Louisiana Story

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This was documentary pioneer Robert Flaherty's last feature. Beautifully photographed as a documentary, it was actually sponsored by an oil company to show how oil drilling can co-exist in a pristine bayou. The story follows a young cajun boy (Boudreaux) and his parents, who live in the bayou alongside a giant oil derrick. The boy is worried by the noise of the machines, but the oil workers give him a tour of their jobs, showing the benefits of the oil company and promise to leave the bayou unscathed when they leave. Nominated for an Academy Award for writing. Flaherty is most famous for his documentaries, "Nanook of the North" and "Man of Aran."
Starring Joseph Boudreaux, Lionel Le Blanc, E. Bienvenu
Director Robert J. Flaherty