Love In India
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India has defined and immortalized the concept of love. As one of the first civilizations to recognize the human need for love and the expression of it, the people of India have written poems, carved on walls, painted, sculpted and built monuments that are eulogies to every facet of romance. But this ancient country, that once understood the relationship between love and lust, is now confused with years of abuse and miscommunication. Has India destroyed the concept of real love while adapting the idea of romance and eternal love from the West? Desperate to understand how the culture that gave birth to the Kama Sutra could now ban sexual education and forbid couples to exchange even a short kiss in public; a young couple, Q and his lover Rii, begin a fascinating journey through the modern Indian consciousness and their own romance. Together they sift through thousands of years of love, legend, hypocrisy and repression; drawing on everything from the lecherous myths Krishna to the provocative hips of Bollywood, in hopes of finding a unique vision of India’s relationship to sexuality.
Starring Q, Rii
Director Q