Lullaby of Broadway
Doris Day and Gene Nelson, sing, dance and romance their way from Europe to the Big Apple in The Lullaby of Broadway. While singer Melinda Howard (Day) has been successfully touring the continent, her mother, former Broadway star Jessica Howard (Gladys George), has fallen on hard times. When Melinda returns for a surprise visit, the elder Howard does not want her daughter to know she now works as a singer and barmaid in a seedy dive. Jessica convinces the current owner of her former mansion, Adolph Hubbell (S.Z. Sakall), to host a party for Melinda's homecoming. At the party, Melinda meets Broadway dancing star Tom Farnham (Nelson), and sparks fly. But difficulties will be encountered, secrets revealed, and mother and daughter reconciled before Tom and Melinda find true love.
Starring Doris Day, Gene Nelson, Gladys George
Director David Butler