Ma Ma
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Magda is a recently unemployed teacher who gets diagnosed with breast cancer, the first time around the cancer is treatable, however the cancer returns and it is no longer treatable. It’s the worst year in the Spanish economic crisis, the Spanish football league becomes the two time champion of Europe. Magda faces her impossible situation with humor surrounded by those closest to her; her 10-year-old son who is football phenomenon, her gynecologist who also loves to sing, and with a man who suddenly appeared in her life that has just lost his wife and daughter. Magda only believes in life in the here and now, not what may wait on the other side, she believes in living this life with as much joy as she can and she has a contagious effect on everyone around her. She will challenge her own destiny when she becomes pregnant with only 4 months left to live.
Starring Penélope Cruz, Luis Tosar, Asier Etxeandia
Director Julio Medem