Mafioso Mexicano
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Mafioso Mexicano (Mafia Man) is a story filled with blood and honor. Damian Chapa (Blood In Blood Out, Under Siege, Street Fighter, El Padroni) stars as Eduardo, A Robstown, Texas small-town gangster who grows up without his mother, whom was killed by DEA Agent Phil Sky (Torch Song Trilogy). Eduardo never forgets the way his mother was slaughtered in Mexico by the country boy DEA agent. Eduardo moves to Texas to grow up with his Uncle Bernardo (Roland Chapa, DSK Story). Uncle Bernardo raises Eduardo to become one of the most respected drug dealers in South Texas in the family business. Eduardo and his uncle suddenly get a hit put on them by a rival Mexican connection across the border. They seek revenge but it is too late. Uncle Bernardo is gunned down in the street.
Starring Damian Chapa, Phil Sky, Anthony P. Maida
Director Damian Chapa