Man from God's Country
"This is raw country ... gun country," grumbles ornery freight magnate Beau Santee (Frank Wilcox). And sure enough, the irons start blazin' when lawman-on-the-lam Dan Beattie (George Montgomery) ambles into the sleepy town of Sundown. Beattie's looking for war buddy Curt Warren (House Peters, Jr.) – but finds only a beaten, broken man who's terrified of big boss Beau. No stranger to danger, Beattie poses as a reviled railroad agent ("You might as well paint a target on your back," the sheriff quips.) and dallies with Warren's dame to dig up the dirt on Santee. In no time, the two Civil War comrades are face to face on Main Street – but Sundown's big showdown sparks an even bigger shootout. This taut, exciting Western shows that even God's Country has a dark side.
Starring George Montgomery, Randy Stuart, Gregg Barton
Director Paul Landres