Man vs. Bigfoot
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Jack Rollins is an army veteran and policeman on sabbatical that is struggling to over-come a tragedy that happened on the job. But while trying to get his life back together, Jack's older brother, Aaron, goes missing on a wilderness hiking trail. After a search party concludes Aaron to be a victim of a bear attack, Jack decides to go looking for his brother in the remote wilderness alone. In doing so, Jack comes across a Native American trapper in the woods who warns Jack that he believes his brother was attacked by a Sasquatch. Jack quickly dismisses the idea and decides to press further into the wilderness in his search. It isn't long before Jack crosses paths with the creature he thought only to be a legend and a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues between Jack and the beast. Jack soon realizes that he must use his survival skills and battle this creature of legend if he is to make it out of the wilderness alive.
Starring David D. Ford, Stuart Miller, Bob Gimlin
Director David Ford