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Elijah Wood turns in the performance of a lifetime as Frank, a shy unassuming young man with a terrifying hobby. When not managing his mannequin store, Frank stalks, then scalps women. When he meets Anna, a beautiful young artist who asks for his help with her upcoming exhibition, Frank desperately tries to keep his homicidal instincts in check, but as his affections for Anna increase, so too does the urge to kill!Brutal, bloody and brilliant, Maniac takes the sleaze and grime of William Lustig’s original ground-breaking horror film and imbues it with a far more polished sensibility. Merging shocking acts of violence that border on the pornographic, with a visually daring and psychologically complex soul, director Franck Khalfoun has created a modern-day horror masterpiece you dare not miss.
Starring Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder, Megan Duffy
Director Franck Khalfoun