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Marley is the definitive documentary on the life, times, and music of iconic reggae musician Bob Marley. It follows Marley from his birth in 1945 in St. Ann, Jamaica, where he began with an outcast status because he was born to mixed-race parents, and continues to show his growing love for music. It follows Marley's early career in the 1960s, his minor hit songs in Jamaica, and a brief move to Wilmington, Delaware when he believed his musical career wasn't going anywhere. The film also shows his growing interests in the Rastafarian religion and how this informed and inspired his music, as Marley returned to Jamaica and became an international star in the 1970s, as his homeland descended into political unrest, even leading to an assassination attempt on Marley. Exiled in London, Marley continued to create music loved by millions; a homecoming concert culminated in a dramatic on-stage display of unity between the leaders of two warring political factions. The film documents Marley's world-wide success, concern over Third World injustice, and his untimely death at age 36 of cancer.
Starring Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff
Director Kevin MacDonald