Married In America 2
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From award-winning director Michael Apted, Married in America 2 is the second film in an ongoing documentary about the challenges of marriage in the 21st century. In 2001, Apted shot the first installment, which featured nine very different soon-to-be-married couples discussing how they met, their views on sex, divorce, children, and their dreams for the future. Drawing on his experience directing the 7UP films that have tracked a group of British people over 42 years ("Cinema's longest-running and most fascinating experiment!" - The New York Times) Apted sought a cross-section of American marriages to reflect the changing nature of the institution: women making more money than their husbands, divorced people re-marrying and blending their families, an increase in interfaith and bi-racial couples, and the controversial brave new world of same-sex marriage. Five years after the first film, Apted revisits the nine couples to find out how they have coped with the twists and turns of married life: the arrival of children, job changes, the need to move, income disparity, and how to find the time for intimacy when both partners are working flat out. Heartfelt and riveting, "Married in America 2" candidly lifts the veil on the institution of marriage and what compels people to tie the knot and stay together.
Starring Michael Apted
Director Michael Apted