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A new space race is born between NASA and the ESA when Charlie Brownsville (Mark Duplass - "The Mindy Project", HBO's "Togetherness", "The One I Love", "Safety Not Guaranteed"), Hank Morrison, and Dr. Casey Cook compete against an artificially intelligent robot to find out what's up there on the red planet. MARS follows these three astronauts in 2015 as they embark on the first manned mission to our galactic neighbor. On the way they experience life threatening accidents, self doubts, obnoxious reporters, and the boredom of extended space travel. MARS is a sci-fi romantic comedy told in the playful style of a graphic novel, using a unique animation process that director Geoff Marslett (LOVES HER GUN) developed specifically for the film. Underneath the silliness MARS is also an exploration of exploration. Why do we want to know what is out there? How do we react to what we find? Is it really that important? And where does love fit into the whole thing? While our brave astronauts are out there taming the new frontier, their inter-planetary voyage is reflected, and sometimes distorted, through the eyes of the reporters, scientists, and politicians back home. Once they reach the "new world", life and love flourish in the most unexpected places. MARS is a visionary cinematic space odyssey that "looks like nothing you've ever seen..." and destined to become "a new animated sci-fi cult fave." (moviefone)
Starring Mark Duplass, Zoe Simpson, Paul Gordon
Director Geoff Marslett