Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead
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In the near future when nuclear war has turned much of our world into wasteland, the youth of America have become drug-crazed sociopaths who lawlessly prowl what's left. But for pretty teenage Peggy (Jessica Lowndes), her sheltered life is far removed from the underground club The Doom Room where a depraved MC (Robert Englund of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) provides immoral entertainment for the murderous masses. Jonathan Tucker (HOSTAGE, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) co-stars in this extreme shocker adapted by Richard Christian Matheson from the celebrated short story by his father Richard Matheson (writer of I AM LEGEND, STIR OF ECHOES) and featuring music by Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.
Starring Jessica Lowndes, Robert Englund, Jonathan Tucker
Director Tobe Hooper