Mayandi Kudumbathar
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Manivannan (Mayandi) and G M Kumar (Virumandi) are brothers who gets split following a property dispute. The latter and his sons are keen to take revenge on Mayandi and his wards. They often cross swords with each other, but a good samaritan Mayandi prevents the inevitable from happening. Mayandi showers all his love and affection on his younger son (Paraman) and his elder brothers (Pon Vannan, Seeman and Jagan) too care for him a lot. However after Mayandhi's death, life takes a turn and their wives starts to treat Paraman as a dirt. Fearing a catastrophe in the family because of him, Paraman decides to go away. Adding fuel to fire in his life is his girl friend's unexpected wedding with someone else. However he realises his father's dream of completing his higher education and getting employed in a big firm. Now enters the family of Virumandi to settle scores with Paraman and his brothers. Did they succeed form the climax.
Starring Manivannan, Ponvannan, Seeman
Director Rasu Madhuravan