Men Don't Leave
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Life has just handed Beth Macauley the short straw. Her husband and suburban home are gone. She still has her two boys - and a new destination. She's moving to the big city of Baltimore - and into the biggest adventure of her life. Two-time Academy Award winner* Jessica Lange plays Beth in this warm-hearted, funny fable from Risky Business director Paul Brickman about staying together when all else is falling apart. Screen-debuting Chris O'Donnell (two years before his star making Scent of a Woman role) and Charlie Korsmo are the sons who unwittingly push Beth into one pitfall of single parenthood after another. Newcomers to Beth's world include an avant-garde composer (Arliss Howard), a flakier-than-cereal neighbor (Joan Cusack) and a boss (Kathy Bates) skilled in management by terror.
Starring Jessica Lange, Chris O'Donnell, Charlie Korsmo
Director Paul Brickman