Mesrine: Killer Instinct
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The first part of an epic two-film saga, "Mesrine: Killer Instinct" introduces us to Jacques Mesrine: daring bank robber, media showman, master of disguise, prison escape artist and iconic real-life outlaw. Starring French superstar Vincent Cassel ("Black Swan"), this high-octane crime thriller sports an all-star cast and a long list of awards. "Killer Instinct" shows us Mesrine as a legend-in-the-making. Recently returned from the war in Algeria, Mesrine quickly turns to a life of crime after being taken in by gangster Guido (Gérard Depardieu). He quickly discovers he has a gift for robbing banks and forms a duo with lover Jeanne Schneider (Cécile De France, "Hereafter") to rival Bonnie and Clyde. The couple is finally hunted down in the Arizona desert and Mesrine is sentenced to ten years in a maximum-security penitentiary. But he is about to prove that no prison is big enough to contain him as his larger-than-life story unfolds.
Starring Vincent Cassel, Cécile De France, Gérard Depardieu
Director Jean-François Richet