Money Shot
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Two unreliable friends, Lake Palmer and Billy Sham, have been given the keys to watch over a luxurious mansion for the weekend. When Billy, a washed up, egocentric rap star sees movie making potential he persuades Lake into helping him finance his serious filmmaking debut - ‘Breaking the Wind’. Their plan takes a wild turn when the guys and their rag tag group of friend’s drink and party all night long completely wrecking the house by the time morning rolls around. Now, in order to repay the damage from the night before the two men and their colourful crew of friends must shoot an entire movie over the course of one day. In the end will the guys money making scheme succeed? It will all depend on whether or not they are able to get the ‘money shot’.
Starring Jason Mewes, Josh Hammond, Bill McAdams Jr.
Director Bill McAdams Jr.