A man who can control people with a stare could rule humanity with his unusual ability if he so wished. But instead he chooses a life of solitude, using his gift only when necessary. Cleverly he makes sure that those under his control don't remember what happened or whose power they're under. His lonely life of misery changes when he meets Shuichi Tanaka. When the Man wills everybody in his sight to freeze, Shuichi is unaffected. Tanaka comes across as an ordinary man but he can defy the Man's telekinetic ability. Agitated and furious that he can't control him, the Man is determined to exterminate Shuichi. The man baits Shuichi by killing someone close to him. Shuichi seeks vengeance and during the ensuing battle, Shuichi realizes that only he can stop his nemesis. Unknown to the Man, Shuichi also has special powers. Brought together by destiny their battle becomes more catastrophic...
Starring Takayuki Yamada, Satomi Ishihara, Tatsuya Fujiwara
Director Hideo Nakata