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Filmed in real time in one feature-length take, MOVED is a dark comedy about a breakup. Cammy, a young woman and writer, returns after a month-long absence to move out of the tiny New York apartment she shared with her actor boyfriend, Asher, and their party boy friend, Damon. Alone in the apartment with nothing but her memories and her boxes, she start to find closure and maybe a new beginning...until Damon turns up, and soon after, Asher. In the dramedy that follows, peace never returns. Damon, sexy and disarming, swears his affinity to Cammy. Cammy, armed with fresh embarrassment but clinging to her dignity, tries to let bygones be bygones with Asher so long as he leaves her in peace. As the hours march on and they wait for the moving van to come, Cammy and Asher find themselves wanting more from each other than they had expected. Asher, lonely, confused and broke, wants forgiveness and a return to the affection they used to share. Cammy, angrier than she expected, wants to be left alone at first but then craves vindication. Their questions turn to accusations and their barbs turn to blows. By the end of the move, the two former lovers have gone far past any point of logic or communication and are on the brink of physical disaster. Damon returns and all artifice disappears. Everyone is damaged, friendships are ruined, trust dissolved, and more than one person is bleeding. Moving is hard, moving on is harder.
Starring Will Bozarth, Lee Dolson, Julie Sharbutt
Director Julie Sharbutt