Mr. & Mrs. Smith
The happy marriage of David and Ann Smith thrives with their eccentric set of rules: If they quarrel, neither may leave the bedroom until the argument is resolved; and once a month one may ask the other a single question that must be answered with absolute candor... When Ann (Carole Lombard) asks David (Robert Montgomery) whether--were he to live his life over--he would marry her again, his honest answer leads to a three-day quarrel. Once released, David learns that due to an interstate boundary dispute, their marriage license has been nullified. Relishing the idea of a, technically, illicit liaison with Ann, he temporarily keeps the information from her--unaware that she already knows. But this romantic quandary, for which the couple has no rules, may spell the end of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Starring Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery, Gene Raymond
Director Alfred Hitchcock