Mr. Lucky
Cary Grant stars as a gambler, con man, draft-dodger, irresistible charmer and erstwhile hero known as Mr. Lucky. Joe Adams (Grant) plans to sail his gambling ship, Fortuna, for South America as soon as he can find the money--preferably someone else's--to bankroll the voyage. He's just won a wager for the draft card of a crewmember who was rejected the military, then died. Bad luck for the deceased; good luck for Adams who recently received his draft notice. Then Adams meets beautiful, wealthy socialite Dorothy Bryant (Laraine Day) and convinces her to hold a charity event for War Relief aboard his ship. But all his schemes to swindle the socialites end with a twist Adams never anticipated: He falls in love with Bryant--and becomes the hero she believes him to be.
Starring Cary Grant, Laraine Day, Charles Bickford
Director H. C. Potter