Mr. Majestyk
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The script of Mr. Majestyk was Elmore Leonard's attempt to concentrate on the plight of Chicano migrant workers, instead the film that hit screens was extensively reshaped into a standard Charles Bronson vehicle. Hoping to make a living as a watermelon farmer, Battle-weary Vietnam veteran Vince Majestyk (Bronson) settles down in rural Colorado. Despite his new-found pacifism, Majestyk can't seem to stay out of trouble, and he lands in jail, where he plots a breakout engineered by Mob boss Frank Renda (Al Lettieri). Majestyk finds himself the main target of the Mob after offering to bring in Renda in exchange for his own freedom. It is bad enough when the crooks begin roughing up Majestyk's field hands; but when they ruthlessly machine-gun his entire melon crop, they've gone to far. Teaming up with Chicano labor activist Nancy Chavez (Linda Cristal), Majestyk decides to track down the mobsters one by one and mete out retribution.
Starring Charles Bronson, Al Lettieri, Linda Cristal
Director Richard Fleischer