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In this film Peter Maxwell Slattery takes you on a journey into his life with one of the most documented extraterrestrial contact cases in modern times. From photographic and video evidence, to hundreds of witnesses to events around him, to physical evidence, there is much to be explored in this story. This documentary takes one on a mind altering journey looking into who we really are and an alternative view point on the paranormal topic, focusing on the multidimensional aspect of the phenomena, and how the paranormal, ghosts, UFOs/UAPs, and consciousness are all connect. Featuring image analysis expert Jason Gleaves (Ex UK Airforce / Aerospace), counsellor and hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell, remote viewer John Vivanco (who worked in a think tank for the FBI, NASA Scientists and other agencies - also known as the Psychic Spy), and James Gilliland from the ECETI Ranch. Pete is not the only one experiencing what is looked at as the unexplained, people from all walks of life all over the world are. What do these experiences mean? What do these Beings want? Why the secrecy? All this and more is explored in Multidimensional.
Starring Peter Maxwell Slattery, Mary Rodwell, John Vivanco
Director Peter Maxwell Slattery