In the documentary film, MUSIC, Andrew Zuckerman – known for his intimate portraits of luminaries across a wide variety of fields – turns his incisive lens on over fifty eminent musicians, composers, and producers from rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, country, jazz, and more, who have made an impact on their genre, contributed to the larger conversation, and have a unique perspective on life. Shot in spare studio settings over the course of a year, the individual interviews place a sweeping cross-section of industry notables –including Ozzy Osbourne, Fiona Apple, Lenny Kravitz, Karen O, Yim Yames, Danny Elfman, Philip Glass, Ben Gibbard, and Herbie Hancock – in dialogue with one another as they attempt to explain the nuances of their field, the ambitions that drive them, the inspiration they draw from their chosen work, and the ineffable universality of the language of music.
Starring Trey Anastasio, Laurie Anderson, Fiona Apple
Director Andrew Zuckerman