My Husband's Wife
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My Husband's Wife is a film about an Indian Sikh family settled abroad after the grandfather Kartar Singh (Prem Chopra) migrated there forty years ago. He started his career as taxi driver and when his son grew up, his business flourished with revenue running into millions. However, he remained attached to his country India. His culture, sentiments and emotions made him get his son married to a Punjabi girl (Rati Agnihotri), who gave birth to a beautiful son Pawan, but unfortunately, Kartar Singh's son dies young. Kartar Singh gives the best of education and amenities to his grandson, but Pawan turns out to be a Playboy even though he respects his grandfather as well as his mother. The culture of the west hypnotizes Pawan. Seeing the circumstances, Kartar Singh decides to get his grandson married to an Indian Punjabi girl (Rakhi Vohra), thinking that a girl from India will show him the path to living life as an Indian. The grandson starts handling the family business with sincerity and does well. But his wife from Punjab shakes him up in terms of his preference for western culture. He goes back to his earlier girlfriend (Alisa Khan) and starts drinking heavily. The emotional drama between the grandfather, mother and wife starts from here and culminated in an emotional saga between the hearts of two women torn for a single man.
Starring Rati Agnihotri, Prem Chopra