My Lucky Star
Sophie is back and this time she's going cosmo. From her stomping grounds in Beijing to tropical high-tech Singapore to the outback fishing villages of Hong Kong to a stunning gondola finale in the mazes of Venetian Macao's canals, "My Lucky Star" is raising the bar on love and adventure in this new extravagant comedy. Going nowhere in love and stuck in life as a lowly travel agent, Sophie finds escape in her own comic book creations. Winning the office contest for a prize trip to Singapore suddenly turns her life upside in the best way possible, as she meets there the man of her dreams: David, the handsome super-spy from her own comics. Before she can even get pack her luggage together, off they jump from the Marina Bay Sands Skydeck, and the chase is on for a lip-shaped key to the billion-dollar diamond called "Lucky Star Diamond", a diamond capable of destroying the world, one country at a time.
Starring Zhang Ziyi, Leehom Wang, Terri Kwan
Director Dennie Gordon