My Side of the Mountain
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Sam (Ted Eccles), a devoted fan of Thoreau and a budding scientist, is angry at his father for canceling a trip to the mountains so he could work on a set of experiments studying algae. Inspired by Thoreau and full of fiery self-reliance, Sam decides to make it on his own and runs away to the wilderness to live off the land for a year and continue his scientific studies. Accompanied by his tame raccoon, Gus, Sam builds a home for himself in a hollow tree and, after a trip into town to glean tips from the librarian (Tudi Wiggins), tames a falcon he names Frightful. But after spending some time with a wandering folk singer, Bando (Theodore Bikel), and facing the harsh reality of a winter living in a tree, Sam starts to question his decision to remain alone and starts to long for the companionship of friends and family.
Starring Ted Eccles, Theodore Bikel, Tudi Wiggins
Director James B. Clark