Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Violent Years
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In 1956 the immortal Ed Wood Jr. scripted this tale of girls gone wild, and we are all both the worse and the better for it. Mike and the ’bots take on this low-budget black-and-white potboiler about a neglected rich girl and her hardened gang of babes who — thanks to inside information from her unwitting father — always manage to stay one step ahead of the police. In this delirious episode, we find the Mads “softening to reach a wider audience,” which includes performing their new theme song, “Living In Deep 13.” Why this catchy, soulful duet was never covered by Elton John and Toni Tennille, God only knows. Includes the 1952 short film A Young Man’s Fancy, wherein a visiting young man prefers the household electrical appliances to the teenage daughter. Riff in the hole!
Starring Mary Jo Pehl, Frank Conniff, Tim Paulson
Director Jim Mallon