NFL The Complete History Of The Dallas Cowboys
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While they have been called 'America's Team', it took more then just Super Bowl wins for the Dallas Cowboys to earn that title. When the team started in 1960, nothing went right for them. But with the help of Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry, they quickly became one of the most exciting and greatest football teams in the NFL. The Complete History Of The Dallas Cowboys by NFL Films recounts the history of this fabled team from their humble beginnings all the way up to their 2008 season. Watch as players, coaches, and media personalities throughout the decades recount the most memorable moments in Cowboys history. Relive each decade from the Roger Staubach era of the 60s, to the Jimmy Johnson/Troy Aikman era of the early 90s, and how today's Cowboys will shape up as champions for the future. After watching this retrospective only one phrase will come to mind: "How bout them Cowboys?"
Starring Tom McKeon
Director Ray Didinger, David Plaut