Nishi Bhor
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Nishi Bhor is the story of a mother and her two sons, Ajay and Sujoy. Ajay’s step-mother raises him as her own son and toils hard to support his educational expenses. Ajay gets shelter at Pradip’s place in Kolkata and starts giving tuition to Pradip’s cousin sister Polly. Both of them eventually fall in love. Polly’s parents are fond of Ajay and decides to get them married. Due to her failing health Ajay’s mother is unable to work and earn money for Ajay’s education. Sujoy drops out of school and starts selling vegetables to support his elder brother. When Ajay finds out about their plight he decides to sell their land to their maternal uncle. His maternal uncle buys the land from his mother at 3000 rupees but he tells Ajay that he paid 6000 rupees for it. This creates a misunderstanding between the mother and son and his mother leaves home with Sujoy. Polly’s father however discovers the truth and exposes Ajay’s uncle. Ajay regrets his behavior and is eventually united with his mother and brother.