Off the Grid
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Most people are unceremoniously born, live their uneventful life, then die in obscurity, never leaving the metropolitan areas of their upbringing to experience the grandeur of America's untamed wilderness.Then there are those who hunger for the adventure of what once was, embracing the distant past, on a road to an extraordinary life few ever know. Come along with us now on one man’s very special 60-year-journey, from a young boy finding a very special hiking hat in the Mojave Desert to a young man dreaming of a seemingly unattainable cabin in his distant future. Walk along in the footsteps of an aging man who eventually finds happiness with his family in the remote pristine wilderness of Southern Utah. Meet many of his friends who come from all walks of life who share their stories, beliefs and philosophical views about what matters most to them in an ever-changing uncertain world! Where the old becomes new, where life long dreams are achieved against all odds in a world where our ancestors once struggled an everyday existence, that we now-a-days call “Off the Grid”.
Starring Kurt Jacobsen, Rachel Fenn, Doug Lynch
Director Lary Sims