On the Shoulders of Giants
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Change Everything You Know About the Future. In the 23rd century starship Andromeda equipped with the revolutionary new Einstein-Rosen (ER) drive successfully completes its maiden voyage through a wormhole. Fifteen years earlier top secret research vessel Leviathan propelled by the first version of the ER drive disappeared on its maiden voyage. As the only starship capable of travelling interstellar distances the Andromeda is reassigned to the Leviathan's rescue mission. The Andromeda?s crew locates the crashed Leviathan on Theta-25L, a desolate planet 50 million light years from Earth. Shortly after arriving on the planet?s surface, tragedy strikes and the rescue mission is thrown into jeopardy. Soon the Andromeda?s crew discovers the Leviathan?s megalomaniac sole survivor and Theta-25L both harbour terrifying secrets? Starring Sarah Wood, Warwick St John, Adam Lee, Wayne Ewart, Alex Skerratt, Carl Isherwood and Nigel Peever and directed by K D Barker. On The Shoulders Of Giants is a retro science fiction film subtly inspired by the classic genre films of the 1950s.
Starring Toby Bradford, Wayne Ewart, Alison George
Director Kenneth D. Barker