Once Upon a Time in China III
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In the waning years of the Manchu Dynasty, the Empress Dowager orders Prime Minister Li Hung-chang to hold a martial arts tournament with the winner christened King of the Lions. Coming into Peking is Huang Fei-hung, No. 1 martial artist of Kwantung province. He is to look up his father who is hurt in one of these mindless fights. Huang appeals to the prime minister in vain. As Huang is famous, local godfather Chao wants his serevice at the tournament. Huang says no and Chao sends Chit the Kick to attach Huang. Huang deliberately loses the fight. Chit the Kick breaks his leg and is discarded by Chao. The Huang father and son nurse him into good health. Chit becomes a friend and ally. The tournament's is declared open. Huang teams up with Chit in dancing the lion. They defeat Chao and win the trophy. Huang then tells the Prime minister the tournament is unless and China needs remedies much better...
Starring Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam, Lau Shun
Director Hark Tsui