One Perfect Day
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Tommy Matisse hears music in everything, from the rhythm of the traffic to the beating heart of his girlfriend Alysse. For him it is all "life's secret symphony". Caught up in his music, the calls from the ones he loves back at home are the only thing Tommy cannot hear. Disaster strikes when his sister experiments with drugs while out partying with Alysse, and suffers a fatal overdose. Alysse, overwhelmed with guilt by the tragedy and Tommy’s pain and anger, tears them apart. The two soul mates embark on solitary journeys. Using his sampled sounds and classical background, he begins to fuse his music with electronic beats, finally finding his place amongst the culture and sound of his time. One Perfect Day is a story of self-discovery. A story that shows how fear and desire can destroy and how hope and love can create.
Starring Dan Spielman, Leeanna Walsman, Nathan Phillips
Director Paul Currie