Operation Mekong
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The term "Golden Triangle" has become a synonymous for drugs. Golden Triangle is one of the three main opium supplies in the world - located where the unrestricted border regions between Burma, Laos and Thailand converge along the Mekong River. Under the Chinese government's suppression, Golden Triangle's heroin supply has greatly declined. The uprise of 'ice' however brings back the ascendancy of Golden Triangle and it quickly becomes a battlefield at the Mekong River.On 5th October 2011, thirteen dead bodies of Chinese shipmen are found, blindfolded with hands tied, on the Mekong River. The Thai military also discovers 900 thousand pieces of ice drug on two Chinese merchant vessels. The Chinese government assigns Officer Ko and his team to investigate the case in Thailand. Fong, a farm owner and an intelligence agent, knows that the ice drug found on the vessels belongs to a drug lord’s gang member and is imputed to the Chinese shipmen. He later discovers the mastermind behind the massacre – Law, a notorious drug lord who has a strong military force and operates in and out of the Golden Triangle. In order to arrest Law, Thailand, Laos, Burma and China work together with an unspoken rule among themselves: the country that captures Law will be his jurisdiction. Fong and Ko's teams use all means to track down Law. Ko and his team infiltrate into Law's troop in the hope of taking down his stronghold. Fong lays a trap as an undercover, not realizing Law has found out his true identity and in the ensuing firefight, Law's military force has slaughtered most of Ko's men.In the aftermath of Fong's wrongful intelligence, Ko discovers Fong's untold secret and his true intention in the field. Once and for all, could Ko unveil Golden Triangle's iron curtain and seek justice for the shipmen?
Starring Hanyu Zhang, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Feng Wenjuan
Director Dante Lam