Operation Rock the Troops
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One man's ambitions take him on an unexpected journey to create a unique performance and mission that will change his life forever. A group of musicians and models are assembled carefully to put on his 'Runway Rock Show' concept with the simple goal, to hand out over 100,000 copies of their CD to the US Military personally. To bring a little piece of home directly to the troops they must come together as more than just a performance group, but become a family. They will have to practice day in and day out, because leaving the world they know behind will be a challenge. From choosing designer clothing, the perfect set list and choreography to perfect the show, they will be challenged with obstacles and setbacks that could derail their dreams before they even start. They will have to learn to stick together as to complete their mission they will have to be ready to tour the world at a moments notice and count on each other to complete their journey, to rock the troops!
Starring Matthew JC, Justin Jones, Paul Brown
Director Matthew JC