Papa's Delicate Condition
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Jack Griffith, known as "Papa" to all, is a family man in a Texas town, but an irresponsible one. To impress his 6-year-old daughter Corinne, he spends the family's savings to buy his own circus, simply so the little girl can have her own pony. After his squandering leaves the Griffiths in debt, wife Ambolyn packs up Corinne and older sister Augusta and moves to Texarkana, Texas, where her father, Anthony Ghio, is the mayor. Griffith attempts to use his circus to help Ghio's bid for reelection, but accidentally causes Ambolyn to end up with a broken hand. Despondent, he leaves for Louisiana and is little seen or heard from by the family. Talked into an attempt at reconciliation, Papa is reluctant, believing the Griffiths want nothing more to do with him, but he is welcomed back with open arms.
Starring Jackie Gleason, Glynis Johns, Charlie Ruggles
Director George Marshall