Partners in Crime
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After a bizarre accident, the male lead suffers from total amnesia. To help him recover the memory, his wife tells him several stories about their married life. According to the woman, their marriage is an happy oasis of mature understanding, an ideal relationship in which both are engaged to succeed since the wedding day. But her husband, who has the acute sensitivity of a detective story writer, feels that something is hidden behind the words of his wife. He begins to investigate and asking more pressing questions, the woman answers evasively and with distress, confirming the his suspects: she is hiding something. The path to the Truth is complex and painful, as well as full of surprises for both of them. As in a long psychoanalytic session, husband and wife compare their feelings and their experience, hoping to get to repair a marriage that is likely to go to pieces due to mutual inattention and routine.
Starring Sergio Castellitto, Margherita Buy
Director Alex Infascelli