Party Dream
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Party Dream is the story of Gil Mantera's Party Dream - the craziest live band you've never seen. We follow Ultimate Donny and Gil Mantera's life as unlikely step-brothers, growing up in hard-scrabble Youngstown, Ohio. Footage from their insane live show provides a vicarious thrill, fueled by electronic rock, ridiculous fashion and no small amount of booze. As Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) says in the film, "A few of their shows were some of the funniest things I've ever seen happen in person. It was all pretty genius.” Once the party starts to fizzle, we witness two brothers driven in opposite directions by the hard reality of the music business. One, a mysterious figure. The other, a gregarious frontman searching for new beginnings. Could there ever be a chance at a reunion? Or is it too late to grasp the Party Dream?
Starring Richie "Ultimate Donny", Glen "Gil Mantera", Patrick Carney
Director Aaron Hagele, Tim Slowikowski