Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much
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"Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much" is an award winning documentary film from CJ Wallis about a math genius from Texas named Ted Slauson and his life of memorizing and documenting the prize amounts on "The Price Is Right. " Keeping track of items and their prices began as a hobby for Slauson, until age 18 when he became eligible to be selected as a contestant on the show. The film explores Slauson's experience as a 37-time audience member, that results and exposes Ted’s role in a 2008 perfect bid showcase scandal that rattled news outlets like Esquire, Time Magazine, and TMZ and ended in Slauson being banned from the show. CJ Wallis and Mallory Kennedy produced the film which features “The Price Is Right”s 5 time Emmy award winning producer Roger Dobkowitz and television icon Bob Barker who provide the film with rare, never-before-seen content and perspective from their 35 years on the show.
Starring Ted Slauson, Bob Barker, Roger Dobkowitz
Director C.J. Wallis