Phantom Punch
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Ving Rhames stars as one of the greatest and most brutal heavyweight boxers of all time: Sonny Liston. Brought up on the wrong side of the tracks a young Liston found himself in jail and facing a life of crime until he was persuaded by the prison priest to take up boxing. A year later he was a free man and a professional heavyweight boxer with one of the most powerful and feared punches in the sport. Rising to fame and fortune with his viscous fighting style and a devastating left jab that lifted him up the world rankings, Liston battled through run-ins with the law and the Mafia to eventually claim the most important title of them all, the World Heavyweight Champion. But his greatest challenge was left to come against Muhammad Ali and it would prove to become one of the fiercest rivalries in the history of the sport and left the legacy of the most famous knockout in history: the Phantom Punch.
Starring Ving Rhames, Stacey Dash, Nick Turturro
Director Robert Townsend