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POCAHONTAS is based on the historical legend. Living in harmony with nature amid the unspoiled American wilderness, the young Indian princess Pocahontas is tutored by her faithful animal guides: the wise old White Eagle and his bumbling sidekick, Fluffy Wing, the little chicken hawk. Pocahontas falls in love with the gallant English colonist Captain John Smith. Pocahontas saves Smith's life when he's captured by her tribe as retaliation against the colonists for killing an Indian. Smith learns the traditional Indian ways, including appreciation of nature. When Smith returns to the colony, the others plot to hurt him because he has befriended the Indians. After a great explosion, Smith is wounded and must return to America. Pocahontas crosses the Great Waters to far-away England, where she and her animal friends find themselves on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams. But even the bustling streets and dazzling high society life of London can't make Pocahontas forget her dashing Captain, her beloved family, and the forest homeland she left behind. She is empowered by a love that sees beyond skin color and cultural differences. Her example teaches that even just one person can bring together groups torn by racial fear and hatred. The film also teaches about having respect for and being at one with nature.
Starring Sue Blu, Cam Clarke
Director Diane Eskenazi