Poovinu Puthiya Poonthennal
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A deaf and mute boy (Baby Sujitha) witnesses his widowed mother being murdered by two men. Later, he escapes from them. Kiran (Mammootty) is an alcoholic who is not able to recover from the tragic death of his family. Kiran finds the boy when he is sleeping in the trash and adopts him, naming him Kittu, naming him after his son. Soon he meets Neetha and become close friends without knowing that she is Kittu's aunt. Kittu recognizes his mother's murderer in a bar along with their boss. The police discovers the body of his mother and Neetha realizes it is her sister's son. Kiran kills the murderers and finally he also faces death.
Starring Lalu Alex, Babu Antony, Suresh Gopi
Director Fazil