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Anja, Mel and four friends join anthropology student, Dace, on a journey to study a remote, ancient rock painting. Their excitement vanishes when Mel becomes delirious after skinny-dipping in a water hole. Feverish, bleeding, confused, she physically and mentally regresses into a vicious predatory state. Mel has gone primal. Mels lover and friends realise they are the prey as she savagely hunts them down. Before they can escape, another one of them starts to regress, posing a hideous choice; kill their friends or be killed by them. Their only hope of survival is to escape through a cave, where Anja learns too late the dark meaning of the rock art they came to study. From the teams behind Mad Max, The Matrix, Australia and following in the horror genre footsteps of Wolf Creek, Primal is first rate, original Australian cinema at its best.
Starring Krew Boylan, Lindsay Farris, Rebekah Foord
Director Josh Reed