Punk Fu Zombie
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In 2028, Charles Maurice, Quebec's prime minister and national hero, made a pact with the Devil in order to bring Quebec to independence. But the Devil tricked him and a zombie apocalypse was unleashed on the country. Alas the military actions to counter the threat of the undead soon brought about the revolt of the people and the population of Montreal-East divided into two factions; Homa citizen, having food and armed with weapons, and the inhabitants of the ghetto of Hochelaga City who were provided with zomox and anxoumatrum to prevent rebellion. But this strategy only worked for a while. The revolt against the authority of Charles Maurice soon became crystallized in the form of a ninja army led with an iron hand by Lilly; a well-tempered anarchist. As she was preparing to attack, a prophecy announced the arrival of a chosen one. This savior is Zak, son of Charles, who, sent to the heart of the action, will soon discover that his enemies may not be who he thinks they are.
Starring Stéphane Messier, Xavier Dumontier, Tommy Gaudet
Director Gabriel Claveau