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The women of the Mirza family have ambitious dreams for their careers but they face an uphill battle coming from a conservative Muslim family in Mumbai, India. Kaikasha Mirza, a cricket fan since childhood, was always forbidden to play the sport. After months of persistence in adulthood, Kaikasha persuaded her father to allow her to remove her burka for the first time to become one of the only Muslim women cricketers in all of Mumbai. Now Kaikasha is chasing her dream of playing for the prestigious Mumbai Senior Women’s Cricket Team. Leading up to the tryouts, Kaikasha’s parents tell her that she will have two years to become a professional cricketer or they will arrange her marriage, likely ending her career. Kaikasha’s two sisters also have dreams for their careers but poverty and Islamaphobia impede their pursuits. All three girls must contend with their father who does not believe women should work, in addition to the whispered judgment of those within their community.
Starring Kaikasha Mirza, Saba Mirza, Heena Mirza
Director Jeremy Guy