Pure: A Bouldering Flick by Chuck Fryberger
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Pure is about 19 extraordinary climbers in six countries on three continents, with no ropes. This is the first bouldering film to be shot entirely in cutting edge 35mm digital format. Featured Climbers: Nalle Hukkataival - As soon as he opened an 8a scorecard he was ranked 3rd in the world. This young Finnish climber has put in his time on the world cup circuit and is now focusing on climbing the most daunting boulders on Earth. Kevin Jorgeson - Pure features exclusive footage of Kevin's first ascents and first ropeless ascents in California. A unique perspective on the mind control necessary to solo, and the rehabilitation needed when you screw up. Kilian Fischhuber - Winner of the 2008 Bouldering World Cup. No climber has ever had a more dominant season on the World Cup Circuit than Kilian, and few have the sense of humor. Anna Stoehr - Winner of the 2008 Bouldering World Cup. Professional Climber. 20 years old. Fred Nicole - No introduction needed. The author of the lion's share of hard boulder problems in the world. The leader and grand master of the sport. Cody Roth - Psyched to get on just about anything, PURE showcases Cody on hair-raising first ascents from Rocklands to Europe. Join these visionary climbers as they test their limits against the rock of planet earth in search of Taller, Harder, Cleaner, and Farther.
Starring Nalle Hukkataival, Kevin Jorgeson, Kilian Fischhuber
Director Lorenzo Delladio, Chuck Fryberger