Purpose & Freedom: Keep Your Hand on the Plow
Documentary of an African American Lawyer, Zulu Ali, seeking his purpose as a lawyer. Born and raised in the south and raised by a single mother who worked two jobs, Ali spends a lot of time with his grandparents, who instill him the importance of helping others and making a change in the world for the less fortunate. Ali ultimately pursues a legal career as the vehicle to make the change but is becoming constantly discouraged by the roadblocks placed in his way while attempting to help people. Ali crosses paths with an undocumented immigrant named Aracely from Mexico who, as a woman’s rights advocate, was brutally abused by Mexican officials. Aracely fled the abuse by crossing the border with her daughter, but is kidnapped and held. She is able to get away from her captors but she finds herself in a situation that caused her to be arrested and jailed. After release from jail, she is detained by immigration officials and placed in deportation proceedings. While in detention she is abused by officials and loses her daughter. She seeks her freedom by pursuing a torture claim. Attorney Ali represented her in the deportation proceedings but lost the case to a mean and heartless immigration judge. Ali continued to fight for Aracely, and others like her, but begins to question the path and losing faith and confidence in the journey he chose. Ali is notified that Aracely’s appeal was granted and she was released from custody, at which time he realized that her freedom was the glory he was looking for. In the process, Ali finds his purpose and Aracely gets her freedom.
Starring Zulu Ali, Aracely Morales, Charito Ali
Director Corey Cruz Molina