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Creative special effects highlight this futuristic story from director James Bai. Set in an unknown time "after the Decline," Puzzlehead details the strange journey of an android whose antiquated parts and all-too-human emotions are at constant odds. Bespectacled scientist Walter (Stephen Galaida) has finally gathered the rare parts needed to assemble Puzzlehead — an android sculpted in his inventor's own image and bestowed with all of Walter's knowledge and both his conscious and unconscious thoughts. Though Walter's unspoken love for the impoverished Julia (Robbie Shapiro) finds him pining away for the girl as he carefully perfects his creation, her favor ultimately falls toward the heroic Puzzlehead when Walter's mechanical look-alike skillfully saves her from a precarious life-threatening situation. Now, with the lines between man and machine becoming increasingly blurred, all of Walter's unconscious quirks move to the forefront of his obsessive personality and the three victims of technology are forced to ponder their fate as the outside world seems to fall into complete chaos.
Starring Stephen Galaida, Robbie Shapiro, Mark Janis
Director James Bai