Quarantine L.A.
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A new kind of deadly virus starts spreading all over the district of Los Angeles infecting people and mutating their cells. The virus evolves and the people infected with it start to transform - their bodies begin to rotten and the mind goes nuts - all the infected crave is human flesh. The infected hide inside from the sun during the day and hunt during the night. The U.S. government decides to quarantine the area (from that point called 'infected zone'), so the virus doesn't spread all over the country. No one can leave Los Angeles. All efforts to search for survivors in the area were deemed futile. A local news channel receives an exclusive message from J.S.O.C. (Joint Special Operations Command) Chief Sergeant, Jake Miller. The information exposes that he and a group of six survivors are trapped in the infected zone and surviving on limited supplies and resources. It’s the Living vs. the Dead inside of Quarantine LA!
Starring Dillaran Martin, Bo Linton, Adrian Voo
Director Filip Maciejewicz