Quo Vadis
Nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture, this is the powerful story of a Roman soldier whose romance with a beautiful woman puts him at deadly odds with Emperor Nero. Based on the classic novel by Henry Sienkiewicz, it features stupendous battle scenes. Starring Robert Taylor ("Ivanhoe"), and Oscar-winners Deborah Kerr ("The King and I," "From Here to Eternity") and Peter Ustinov ("Spartacus"), who was nominated along with Leo Genn ("Henry V") for Best Supporting Actor. Directed by Oscar-winner director/producer Mervyn LeRoy ("The Wizard of Oz," "Little Caesar"). Be on the lookout for cameos by screen icons Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.
Starring Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn
Director Mervyn LeRoy